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Mass Gainz 10 Lbs by iFORCE

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Mass Gainz 10lbs | iFORCE

iFORCE Mass Gainz does exactly what the name implies: helps you put on lean muscle mass rapidly. Protein and carbs are essential to post-workout recovery. Mass Gainz supplies a 2:1 Carb to Protein ratio, helping you build bigger, stronger muscles, and speeding up the recovery process. The calorie breakdown is 30% protein, 50% carbohydrates, and 20% fats. Some competitors throw lots of calories, carbs, and fats into their product without considering the ingredient profile. They figure more is better. iFORCE has constructed Mass Gainz using specific ratios known to optimize results.

If you are a hardgainer that has tried everything to puss on weight, then drinking Mass Gainz shakes 1-3x per day will give you the nutrients you need to build the physique you have been working towards. Mass Gainz Flavors include Chocolate Truffle, Strawberry Creamsicle, Vanilla Cupcake Batter. The taste is absolutely phenomenal!

Mass Gainz 4.85lbs is also available if you prefer a smaller size.

Mass Gainz 10lbs Benefits

•Supports Increases in Lean Muscle Mass

•40 Grams of Whey Protein/Serving

•2:1 Carb to Protein Ratio

•Medium Chain Triglycerides ( MCT's)

Mass Gainz Product Review

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Mass Gainz Stacks

Mass Gainz can be combined with other popular iFORCE products to maximize results with products like Athletic Multivitamin, Glutamine, and Ceaplex Creatine.


As a dietary supplement, mix 1 serving (2 scoops) with 14-20oz (415ml-590ml) of water or milk, one to three times per day. The best time to use MASS GAINZ™ is upon waking, post workout, and/or prior to bed.